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Bioplant Flora. Characteristic

Brief description of microelemented humic acid-based biofertilizer Bioplant Flora based on the results of laboratory investigations and field testing.

Substance contain (not less than) 70% in dry estract
Aggregative state Dark-brown liquid
Viable drawk seeds Not found
Helminthes eggs Not found
Maggots Not found
Pathogenic microflora Not found
Pesticides Absent
Germinating ability of seeds Increases, seeds germination energy raises
Presence of TOR 9899-005-75292641-2005
Macro- and microelements content N, , , Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Mo, Co, B, S, I, Cu.
Content of heavy metals in dry extract Less than MPC for agricultural soils
Impact terms 1-2 years due to biologically active substances and viable microflora
Contamination of water bodies Not detected
Contamination of soils Not detected
Effect from transfer into soil Increases soil humus, suppresses phytopatogenic microflora
Effect during ground frost Increases resistance of plants to autumn and spring ground frosts
Influence during drought Significantly increases the resistance of plants to drought due to increase of bearding, mass and size of the roots system
Influence on photosynthesis Due to natural ferments and phytohormons intensifies the photosynthesis, the lamina area is increased
Concentration of nitrates in the products The nitrates content in the products is reduced after processing of plants with Bioplant Flora
Influence on fruits quality The content of vitamins and biologically active substances in the fruits increases. keeping capacity is bettered
Changes of humus in the soil Application of Bioplant Flora results in increase of soil humus

Bioplant Flora effectively suppresses the mildew germ, root rots, buck eye rot, rhizoctonia rot, agricultural bacterial diseases.
Preparation TOR are agreed with the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation
Chief of laboratory CINAO, PhD in Agriculture, Academic of MAEN
Gluntsov N.M.